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ISLE ACADEMY is the dedicated entity of SofMedica Group, created to develop educational services necessary for the continuous professional development of Healthcare Professionals.

Our focus areas can be summarized as follows:

  • Continuous Education

    We prioritize continuous education to keep Healthcare Professionals up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • Team Training

    Team training is a cornerstone of our approach to foster well-tuned, high-performing teams.
  • Scientific Networking

    We facilitate scientific networking, connecting peers and experts.
  • Research Facilitation

    We are dedicated to supporting and facilitating research initiatives.
  • Holistic Patient Approach

    Our holistic approaches ensure comprehensive patient care.
  • Multitasking Abilities

    We help build and maintain multitasking abilities, preparing Healthcare Professionals for the evolving healthcare environment.
  • The Transition of the Educational Environment

    We actively drive the transition of the healthcare educational environment, ensuring it remains relevant and effective.

Like the saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. In 2008, the founder of SofMedica Group, Georgios Sofianos, took that very step. His vision was to cultivate an open-source ecosystem for healthcare professionals, one that would democratize advanced technology in the Healthcare field by making it accessible and affordable to all.
In 2009 a joint effort with the City, University of London, SofMedica Group transformed the primary renal transfusion healthcare sector of Romania, elevating the quality of everyday routine practice of 600 professionals from various disciplines working in haemodialysis centers. Over 150,000 patients in all Romanian regions benefited from these dedicated efforts.
The shade of Mr. Sofianos’ visionary tree extended far and wide, reaching Romanian society, healthcare professionals, patients, and their families. This inspiration, in 2018, led to the birth of our first-of-its-kind Innovation, Simulation, Learning, Ecosystem (ISLE) Center, not only in Romania but also in Greece, with a third mobile facility serving our broader regions.
Throughout 2019-2020, our team, across all regions, has remained dedicated to opening our doors to meet your needs, hosting workshops, courses, and demos that have been in increasingly high demand. Along this journey, numerous institutions, associations, and partners have found a welcoming home within ISLE ACADEMY’s facilities.
Since the beginning of 2022, ISLE ACADEMY is an independent entity of the Group with dedicated resources and management demonstrating the leadership’s commitment to taking education of Healthcare Professionals at the highest level.


Our mission is to provide meticulously structured, tailor-made curricula designed for hands-on practice and the acquisition of essential skills and competencies for Healthcare Professionals.

Our goal is to foster synergies and open channels of communication, accelerating progress.

We are unwavering in our commitment to focus on the impact each activity has on patients’ lives, ensuring optimal outcomes.

  • Catering to Healthcare Professionals’ Ongoing Training Needs

    We meet the progressive needs of continuous training in advanced technology, skills, and competencies that are prominent in the modern highly competitive healthcare environment.
  • Enhancing Scientific Communication and Research Initiatives

    Our extensive exposure and solid network within the broader New Europe regions, allows us to establish competent scientific communication channels, support research initiatives, and encourage novel interactions among teams.
  • Pioneering Holistic Approaches

    We follow holistic approaches that are patient-centered and ultimately lead to harmonized and optimal patient outcomes.
  • Offering Innovative Educational Tools & Approaches

    Our practice is based on innovative educational tools and approaches, involving the cutting-edge technologies and trends such as Virtual Reality and team training.
  • Becoming a Recognized Force for Transformation

    Introducing new concepts of skills and competence that extend beyond technical understanding and working to standardization of processes that lead to a different perspective of the healthcare ecosystem, we become a transformation enabler.

Main focus of our strategy is to:

  • Establish long-term solid collaborations with leading technology players and academia,
  • Create unique products aligned with the trends of market needs,
  • Introduce innovative tools and approaches in the lifelong learning pathways of healthcare professionals
  • Become SofMedica Group’s driving force of creating added value to any product or upcoming collaboration or else acting as a transformation catalyst for the Group and the health care ecosystem.


Our vision is to transform the global healthcare landscape by democratizing and providing access to advanced technologies, cutting-edge tools, and optimized processes for all stakeholders involved in healthcare. Our ultimate goal is to enhance healthcare services worldwide, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care, encompassing both prevention and treatment, and thus, enjoy better overall health and quality of life.



ISLE ACADEMY is at the forefront of groundbreaking areas such as Robotic Surgery, Cardiovascular, Interventional Cardiology, Neurosurgery among other fields.  We innovate in terms of:

  • Cutting edge technology know-how
  • Educational means 
  • Concept of holistic patient approach

By being part of ISLE ACADEMY, participants become catalysts for change and are placed at the center of cutting-edge developments that are rapidly shaping the landscape of contemporary healthcare.


Modern educational trends are focusing on simulation, team training, and process optimization, and they point out the need for using tools adjusted to the highly demanding reality of less time and more detail.

Evidence supports the idea that simulation-based learning, coupled with practical experience, is highly effective, allowing individuals not only to elevate their skills but also to acquire valuable opportunities for reflection and analysis of errors. This is how confidence, directly linked with competence, is built.

Your time with us is used effectively by providing you with the privacy of one-on-one prolonged sessions or small groups, dedicated space and efficient time to practice in a convenient location. 


At ISLE ACADEMY, we believe that education goes beyond mere instruction; it’s a transformative process with a clear objective: to empower Healthcare Professionals to make a meaningful impact in their practice.

Education, for us, is about enabling you to excel in your field, ultimately making a real difference in people’s lives.

Our approach is rooted in providing systematic and comprehensive instruction, designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and competence needed to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

We understand that staying at the forefront of your profession is crucial, which is why we offer tailored educational experiences that encompass the latest advancements, innovative tools, and collaborative learning environments.

Our commitment is to ensure that you not only receive top-quality education but also have the opportunity to apply it effectively in real-world healthcare scenarios, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

In addition, a key objective for us is to foster effective communication among healthcare teams and facilitate the growth of empathy among healthcare professionals. This holds significant importance, especially for individuals engaged in team-based healthcare settings and organizations that require seamless coordination and collaboration across multiple departments and tasks.


ISLE ACADEMY operates within a dynamic ecosystem that serves two distinct yet interconnected purposes. Firstly, it’s an integral part of SofMedica Group, a group of companies designed to complement each other’s services. This collaboration ensures that healthcare professionals and their patients receive top-quality services delivered with a problem-solving mindset, creating a cohesive and seamless healthcare experience.

Secondly, ISLE ACADEMY plays a pivotal role within the broader healthcare ecosystem. In this context, the ecosystem encompasses all entities associated with the healthcare sector: medical technology companies, pharmaceutical firms, healthcare providers, administrative personnel, logistics teams, financial advisors, insurance providers, scientific and patient societies, researchers, and academic institutions.

ISLE ACADEMY acts as the central hub, facilitating fine-tuned communication, fostering teamwork, and establishing vital connections between various departments, companies, and key stakeholders.

This approach enhances the overall functionality and collaboration within the healthcare ecosystem, promoting innovation and progress for the benefit of every involved party.

Welcome to the state-of-the-art facilities
of ISLE ACADEMY, a haven of innovation
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